Capri fiberglass pool an all in one pool! It is a traditionally designed fiberglass pool that includes bench, stairs and most importantly, can give  you the benefit of hydrotherapy with the right pool equipment which involves using water at varying temperatures in order to provide health benefits to the people. The inclusion of all these things at a single place makes Capri a unique but modern pool.

This is the perfect innovative use of your ideal space. Apart from giving you comfort, it will also make your property stand out by making it a lot more beautiful and adding to its value. The capacity of this pool is approximately 3000 gallons and requires a space of not more than 5m in length and 2.5m in width. The depth of the pool is 1.40m which is the standard for most pools and you can find it at Direct Pools & Spas

Metric System: LENGTH: 5.00M WIDTH: 2.50M DEPTH: 1.40M VOLUME: 10600L


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